Dear Black Girl, Be Good to Yourself – Day 26 & 27 IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!

Dear Black Girl,

Please be good to yourself. As we embark on a strange time in our beloved country – we are filled with many uncertainties. We must remain vigilant. I need us to remain focus and diligent on uplifting and celebrating our beauty and humanity. With the various issues facing our country and global world our most troubling is the continue push back against our humanity.

We must uplift ourselves and our sisters. If you see your sister struggling extend a loving hand of care and encouragement. Let her know you see her beauty and humanity. But, first step you must see your own beauty and humanity.

I see you, I feel you, and I pray for you. You are BEAUTIFUL! You are POWERFUL! You are WORTHY!

Dear Black Girl please don’t allow the various issues in our world to force you to forget, we are still fighting to embrace, accept, and celebrate our own beauty. Please let’s work on that and go from there.


Ruby Taylor, M.S.W.



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