Beautiful Me! Day

The Augusta Savage Day of Black Girl Beauty


3:00pm - 6:30pm


Attendees at the three physical locations will enter drawings to win beautiful prizes: 

  • 3 spa days 
  • 5 autographed copies of the Beautiful Me DVD
  • 3 original artworks by Shanequa Gay
  • 5 “For Black Girls” posters, signed by Shanequa Gay

These simultaneous screenings are a collective event that will bring together black girls and women from across the United States to powerfully celebrate black girl beauty and our black identity. 

Beautiful Me Day is a day for us to validate our feelings, embrace our healing, and to celebrate our BEAUTY. We would love if you joined us on September 24, 2017 to celebrate US!



Why has this national special event been named “Beautiful Me Day: The Augusta Savage Day of Black Girl Beauty”?

“Beautiful Me Day: The Augusta Savage Day of Black Girl Beauty” is named for Augusta Savage, an amazing but often overlooked artist of the Harlem Renaissance. 

Ms. Savage was a beautiful black woman who fought hard for equal rights no matter how much negative attention it brought her. Whenever she felt treated unfairly because of the color of her skin she would use the newspapers to bring attention to the problem. Her intelligence and brave heart made her extraordinary. Yet, to this day, not many people know her name! 

If you know of the celebrated artist Jacob Lawrence, it is because of Augusta Savage.


Savage’s fight for equality helped pass the Federal Art Project/WPA, a lifeline what gave many artists in the black community the confidence, the courage, and the funding to be able to commit to being working artists. The WPA helped fuel the massive creative surge that we have come to know as the Harlem Renaissance.

Augusta Savage was not only an artist, but also an activist and a teacher. She ran the community art center in Harlem. There is no better person to celebrate and uplift on Beautiful Me Day than Augusta Savage – and, of course, yourself.


We are bringing black girls and women together from across the United States and the world to powerfully validate our feelings and celebrate black identity. Join & Celebrate With Us on Beautiful Me Day: The Augusta Savage Day of Black Girl Beauty.

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