Join Thousands of Women & Girls to Celebrate the Beauty of Black Women & Girls



Saturday, September 23, 2017


What will happen on Beautiful Me Day?

Join thousands of women, men, boys, and girls around the world as we celebrate and uplift black girls beauty.

1. Free Online Access to our award winning documentary “Beautiful Me” (you must register to gain access).

2. Set your time for when you or your group will watch “Beautiful Me” on September 23rd, 2017.

3. Use our discussion guide and calls to action to uplift and celebrate black women/girls across our world after your screening.

For Black Girls is excited to welcome individuals, families, college student groups, non-profits, community and faith based organizations, and companies, to participate in Beautiful Me Day on Saturday, September 23, 2017. Gather your friends, family, club members or colleagues for a FREE online screening of the 2016 award-winning documentary, Beautiful Me!

Following the screening, continue the movement with these calls to action:

  • Host a meaningful discussion using the free Beautiful Me Guide.
  • Write letters/emails to leaders in the beauty, film, and art industry (addresses and letter templates will be provided in our guide)
  • Make vision boards and positive affirmations.

  • Encourage one another in Confidence Builder activities.
  • Promote the issues, continue the conversation, or share your story on social media! Use the hashtags #BeautifulMeDay #BeautifulMe #ForBlackGirls
  • Engage in many other ideas listed in the Beautiful Me Action Guide.


Make a donation of any amount:


Use our flyers and promote in your community


Why has this national special event been named “Beautiful Me Day: The Augusta Savage Day of Black Girl Beauty”?

“Beautiful Me Day: The Augusta Savage Day of Black Girl Beauty” is named for Augusta Savage, an amazing but often overlooked artist of the Harlem Renaissance. 

Ms. Savage was a beautiful black woman who fought hard for equal rights no matter how much negative attention it brought her. Whenever she felt treated unfairly because of the color of her skin she would use the newspapers to bring attention to the problem. Her intelligence and brave heart made her extraordinary. Yet, to this day, not many people know her name! 

If you know of the celebrated artist Jacob Lawrence, it is because of Augusta Savage.

Savage’s fight for equality helped pass the Federal Art Project/WPA, a lifeline what gave many artists in the black community the confidence, the courage, and the funding to be able to commit to being working artists. The WPA helped fuel the massive creative surge that we have come to know as the Harlem Renaissance.

Augusta Savage was not only an artist, but also an activist and a teacher. She ran the community art center in Harlem. There is no better person to celebrate and uplift on Beautiful Me Day than Augusta Savage – and, of course, yourself.

Register now to get involved!

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Step 2. Check your internet connection, log-in using your special access code, and join in on September 23 starting at your own timing. 

Step 3. Encourage Black women/girls of all ages to define and promote their own beauty standard.

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